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Whether it’s to unwind from the complexities of everyday life or to soothe sore muscles and joints caused by sports or minor strains, relaxing in a hot tub can help you feel better – naturally.

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, people have found natural healing powers in bubbling pools of hot water. Through the ages, the Romans, Greeks, Japanese and other cultures have realized its many benefits for spirit, mind and body. The heat, buoyancy and massage found in the warm, soothing waters of a hot tub create an experience that is both relaxing and rejuvenating.

At A-TEX South, we offer a wide selection of models to the Austin area as well as peace of mind. We service all spas sold, able to repair leaks, shell cracks, pumps and heaters. You can also feel confident with your purchase knowing A-TEX South provides at-home service for all repairs that can’t be performed at our retail location.

High Quality Hot Tubs from the Top Manufacturers

Check out our vast collection of sizes and models, of which will fit your family’s needs.


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