Dimension-One-LogoThe Sarena Bay is the world’s first curvilinear hot tub. Unlike ordinary, square hot tubs, its patented design will add an eye-catching centerpiece to any backyard retreat. A pair of “his and her” UltraLounges® each equipped with a programmable Dynamic Massage Sequencer and patented Jet Therapy® pillow, offers a full body massage. Up to 8 people can enjoy the soothing lighting FX, bubbling fountain and the cleanest water in the industry with UltraPure PLUS.


  • Seating Capacity 7-8
  • Dimensions 120″L x 92″W x 40″ H
  • Number of Jets 84
  • Jet Therapy Pillows 2
  • Dynamic Massage Sequence r2
  • Ultra Lounge  2
  • VCR Jets 84
  • Tactile Therapy Standard
  • Liquid Effects Standard
  • Magnetic Switches Standard
  • Ultra Life Optional
  • Ultra Pure PLUS Standard
  • 100% Foam Insulation Standard
  • Terracina Standard
  • Weight Dry 1320 lbs (560kg)
  • Weight Wet 5400 lbs (2450kg)
  • Water Capacity 500 Gallons (1893 Liters)