Customer Testimonials

“Recommend You Guys to Anyone”

We wanted to express and show our gratitude for your enduring help and guidance for the past three years with our pool. Your comfort, ideals, and tips really showed me that you are not just in the business to make a buck, but to really try and provide superior service to customers. You took time out of your busy schedule every time I called. You also helped us figure out the type of liner and size we needed for our pool. You put us in contact with someone you thought could help us with a correct installation. Really, you assisted us in many ways, and we thank you JoAnn! Your outstanding service has made us an A-Tex customer from now on.

Blake & Judy Brown

“Highly Recommended!”

I just wanted to let you know we are very pleased with the liner installation you did for us on the 9th. It is a very nice looking liner and the job was completed in a very professional manner. I appreciate your changing up your schedule so you could get to this job. You and your crew were also very courteous and helpful to my wife and me.

Roy & Charlotte McCoy

“Outstanding Service”

We want to tell you how super pleased we are with the Dimension One Aurora II spa we purchased in January 2004. We have been using the spa on an almost daily basis since we had it installed and have found many benefits from it. Aside from the usual relaxation and release of muscular tension that spas are noted for, I personally found another benefit. Several years ago I was diagnosed with having restless leg syndrome and was taking medication for it, which really wasn’t helping. I still had restless legs. I decided to experiment with the spa. I sat on the edge and allowed the strong jets to massage the backs of my legs. I noticed that I didn’t have restless legs. After a week, I decided to go off the medication. Needless to say, the restless leg syndrome subsided. If for some reason I don’t use the spa for several days, the restless leg syndrome returns. As soon as I have my legs massaged by the spa jets the syndrome disappears. I am hooked! Highly recommended!

Irene Watson